Willband Creek Park

Quick Facts

Accessibility: The trails are all approximately 6 feet wide with graded gravel. There were no dips or uneven spots and the surface was easy to navigate. There are some bridges that have a metal grip surface to assist in icy conditions.
Location: Bateman Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 7Y8
Length: My ® Fitbit registered 3.19 km on the outside perimeter of the park, from car door to car door.
Duration: It took Ollie (5 month old puppy) and I just over an hour to walk; however, I am recovering from both a back and a knee injury, and Ollie has “cute puppy” syndrome so you should be able to complete this much faster 🙂
Skill: Easy!

Willband Creek Park is located at the intersection of Highway 11 and Bateman Road in the city of Abbotsford, BC. The parking lot is located where the flag is on the map below. It is described as a “Wildlife preserve offering flat walking paths & birdwatching amid marshes, ponds & grasslands. Dogs are welcome but must be on leash. As this park is right beside the Abbotsford-Mission Hwy there is quite a bit of traffic noise, however that being said I was there about 5:30pm on a weekday, and it wasn’t overly noisy or distracting.

Map of Willband Creek Park
© Google maps

There are many incredible views throughout this park including a gorgeous view of Golden Ears Summit. As well as many opportunities to watch the local fauna.

View of the Golden Ears Summit
Just a few of the many ducks that call this park home

This is a great park to take your dog for a walk or just to become centered again after a long day at work.

Ollie approved!

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